Mega Foam

Practice your new tricks at our soft foam pool!

Please fill out a waiver for all jumpers!

If jumper is under 18 years old, the parent or legal guardian must fill out the waiver. There are NO EXCEPTIONS. This can be done online, or at the park.

Get your Tickets!

Make sure you buy your tickets in advance online, to avoid long waits!

Try Your

Best Jump!

Practice your new tricks at our soft foam pool! Try our ultimate jumping board, our incline trampoline, or our long jumping lane! Go high and try your best jump!

No diving allowed at any time.

During special events, we will have prizes, and always, bragging rights for the champions!

Walk-Ins are welcome, subject to availability!

Remember trampoline jumping is low impact for your knees and helps you burn over 1,000 calories per hour! Part of our FUN HEALTH program. (FH Program)